A thousand reasons to communicate

We have started an Erasmus+ project and we would like to use Etwinning as a way of showing our work, communicated among ourselves, let students share experiences, talk to each other...

Project Journal

  • We are very excited because in one week we will host our last Erasmus+ meeting in our town, Fraga. We have almost everything ready to receive teachers and students from Poland, the UK, Romania, Finland and Greece! We can't wait!
    - Posted by Monica Arellano, 08.05.2016

  • We are going to Huesca tomorrow to explain other teachers about our project. We hope they all like our experiences.
    - Posted by Monica Arellano, 23.02.2016

  • On 18.05-22.05 took place a short term exchange of students in Nopankyla School in Finland. Students from Spain, Greece, Poland and Finland had the opportunity to share their experiences, work and play together. They also presented the stories they had written before using drama. During this transnational meeting teachers evaluated the first year of the project, compiled the work done and planned the second year ahead.
    We spent a very nice week in Finland and we learnt a lot about the life of our Finnish friends.
    - Posted by Beata Parada, 07.06.2015

  • Dear teachers, parents, students and friends,
    We have started our adventure in Erasmus+. Teachers from Finland, Poland, Greece, UK and Spain all met in Romania, where we visited a very nice school in Oradea. We learned a lot from each other and we worked very hard in order to be able to work cooperatively during these two years.
    We all hope we can get better and improved in different ways. We are sure that our students will be learning a lot with this common project.
    Thanks for your support,
    Mónica Arellano.
    - Posted by Monica Arellano, 30.12.2014