A thousand reasons to communicate

We have started an Erasmus+ project and we would like to use Etwinning as a way of showing our work, communicated among ourselves, let students share experiences, talk to each other...



Hello friends!

We come from Nopankyla, a part of Ilmajoki. Nopankylä's school was built in 1899 and it is the third oldest school in Ilmajoki. The situation of our school is excellent! We have a pure nature around us, a beautiful view from the windows and there is a small "hill" in our yard where from we can slide with  sleds in winter. Through the windows of our school we can see fields and forests which are covered with snow in wintertime :) 

We haven't got real websites yet, but we are still working on it... While waiting, you can see more about Ilmajoki from this page:


The presentation of Nopankyla's school, Ilmajoki /May 2016:       


 (Excuse us for having unsharp photos in this presentation. Our PowerPoint presentation was too large and we had to make it smaller to be able to upload it.)

Older photos:

Autumn 2014:  


Celebrating Tove Jansson,                Having fun in Duudson's activity Park.          Disco at school on one Friday.

the mother of the Mooms.                                                                                                                    Dancing together.


                                       The Red Nose Day 2014!                                     Our Stuff in autumn 2014.

                                                                   Nopankylä School, in winter time in February 2015.


                                                                                          Our school surrounded by snow.


         In summertime our school looks like this.                    Autumn 2015 we started school in such a good weather

                                                                                                  that we could have our PE in lake Kalajainen: First cycling by

                                                                                                  the lake and then swimming. -Nice!


           Our school is between fields and forest.                                        Our stuff looked like this in autumn 2015!

     We can pick berries from the forest and make pies.















Zespół Szkół Samorządowych

Szkoła Podstawowa im. Mikołaja Reja

in Rejowiec Fabryczny




Atfer the World War II the school in Rejowiec Fabryczny was located in a small building next to the railway station. In 1962 a new school was estabished in a present building. There were eight classes in the age from 7 to 15. In 1999 there was a change in the educational system in Poland and the new level of schools was introduced – the junior secondary school.


In our school building since then there are two schools – the primary school and the junior secondary school. At present in the primary school there are 200 pupils age 7-13 and in the junior secondary school there are 130 students age 13-16. There are 24 teachers teaching in the primary school and 16 teachers in the junior secondary school. As it is a school complex most teachers are teaching in both schools.

Basic data

The lessons start at 8 o'clock and last until 2 p.m. After that there are numerous extra curricular activities like Sport Club (football and handball teams, English Club, Choir, Art & Crafts, Science Club, ICT Club and Scouts (in Polish “harcerstwo”). Most additional activities finish at 3 p.m.

In the evenings our students have time to do their homworks, learn or just to relax.... :-)


And here is a short presentation of our school.... Hope you'll enjoy it :-)




Dear friends,

Let us introduce you Romania, our beautiful country.


Oradea, our city is the gate towards Europe, situated on the West part of Romania.


And here is a presentation of our school:



Dear friends,

We are from a town called Fraga, in the Northeast part of Spain.  Would you like to know more about our town? And about our school?

This is our school's web site: http://cpjcfrag.educa.aragon.es/

And this is a video we have done for you. Have a look!


  Our school




Hello there!

We are from Barnburgh Primary School in the North of England. Please take a look at our website to find out more about us and how our children learn. 

Here are some images of our school and some of the children enjoying their learning. 

Year 4 classroom


Year 5 classroom

Year 6 enjoying learning about traditional Finnish dancing! 

Our Year 5/6 football team 

 A Year 5 student using Talk 4 Writing to story map his Myths and Legend text


Author: Monica Arellano
Last editor: Ibolya Monika Semendi