Spain: Christmas boxes

  • This project involved photography and conceptual boxes. Students had to design TWO personalized Christmas boxes: a group box and an individual box.


    In the group box project, they had to design a box with representative elements of Christmas in Catalonia so that they could explain how Christmas is celebrated in our country to a foreigner. The 26 students in the Erasmus Creativity Club were divided into 6 groups. Once in their group, they did a brainstorming on their ideas and then started to organize themselves and let their creativity go wild.

    These are photographs of the six boxes they prepared.








    We videorecorded the presentations of their boxes. Please see the video below.


    Their individual task consisted on designing their own personalized Christmas box which represented what Cristmas meant for them. they had to choose objects which symbolized memories and special moments, make a nice composition and take a picture. They had to justify their choice of objects and their meaning in a written assignment.

    This is Jabir's individual Christmas box:


    THE TRUE MEANING by Jabir Fekkak


    Until this year, my Christmases had basically been summarized in one act. I spent cold nights under my blanket, not wanting to open my eyes, just wanting to sleep, to be able to see how the sun rises and thus, to be able to see the fantastic gifts that Santa Claus had brought me that night.


    But my father says that we live a constant maturity, and that even for the oldest man, every day is a day in which he learns something and gets more mature.


    This year it has been the first of my life in which I have not practically received gifts, and surprisingly, I wasn't displeased, on the contrary, I have prided myself to have learned a lesson. Not everything is based on the material.


    The true meaning of Christmas came to me the same December 25th.That same day, in the morning, before eating, we went to visit my 97-year-old great-grandmother, who is in a hospital asylum. When we arrived, after giving her thousands of kisses, we told her that that day it was Christmas, and she replied "Really?". And then she told us that for her everyday is the same, she gets up at 10, has breakfast, looks out of the window until lunchtime, and she eats the food in which the nurses put a sleeping pill so that she can sleep tight until the next day .


    Then I learned it, to make a person feel the Christmas spirit, he does not need to receive gifts under a tree. We just need to receive the love and support of our families and beloved ones in the most comfortable environment possible. She didn't know that it was Christmas, until we, her relatives, came and told her.

    That is the true meaning of Christmas, being surrounded by your dearest beings, the family.