• Erasmus+ Mobility to Italy


    REPORT 1


    Day Zero (Welcome Day):

    I went to the airport to meet my new roommate. His name was Emir, he came from Turkey. We went to my father's home and Emir called his family to inform them he was ok. After that, he gave me some presents and we opened them later. We ate Spaghetti with tomatoes and then we saw the presents. There were two shirts for me, a decorative plate, a box of traditional turkish desserts and some home-made soap. On late evening Emir, my brother and I went to my mother's home (where I had the second bed for Emir. We had home-made pizza for dinner, we saw Capitan America in english and then we went to sleep.


    Day One:

    We woke up at 7:00 a.m. and we had breakfast. We went to Scuola Tozzetti for the Welcome Cerimony; it was raining. I left him in the room with the others foreign students and I went in the gym for preparing to the presentation. When everything was ready, I took Emir in the gym whit everybody else and we saw the Welcome Cerimony with the schools/countries presentation. After that, Emir and the other foreigns went to listen to the school choir, while the boys who were hosting them and I went in a room for have a snack. When everybody ate what he had, we started visiting Livorno. We saw the Fortezza Vecchia and the Fortezza Nuova, the canals and other parts of the city; it was still raining. The best thing we saw was the Goldoni Theatre, a beautiful theatre where we even saw the balconies reserved for the president! Emir and I ate some sandwiches for lunch, then we went to a near pizzeria where we ate pizza whit Emir's friends and teachers. When everything finished it kept raining and, since my mother were at work, my italian theacher was luckly able to take us back home. We had kebab for dinner and we saw a TV serie that Emir loved: The Walking Dead. It was in english with turkish subtitles, and after a few episodes we went to sleep.


    Day Two:

    We woke up at 7:00 a.m., we had breakfast and we went to the train station, ready to leave Livorno and go to Florence! As we arrived, we saw so many things that I'm going to write just a few: Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Galleria dell'Accademia (where there is the David statue) and many other places. There were a guide that explained us everithing about the city and his history. We ate in a pizzeria (again) and in middle afternoon we had a break for relax. When the trip ended we returned to Livorno. Emir and I went back home, we saw some TV and played some board games. Then we had dinner (this time my mother made a turkish recipe) while watching a couple episodes of The Walking Dead and we went to sleep.


    Day Three:

    We woke up at 7:00 a.m., had breakfast and went to the train station to see Pisa. When we arrived we saw the best thing in Pisa in my opinion, the Tuttomondo (the wall painted by Keith Haring). Then we went to Piazza dei Miracoli, the most famous square of Pisa where there is the Leaning Tower (Torre Pendente di Pisa). There we had a break where everybody could explore the square. After that we had lunch with our sandwiches, we had another two hours of free time and we saw  more about the city while going back to the train station. When the trip was over we went back to Livorno and Emir, my mother, my brother and I went to buy some souvenirs to Emir (he bought a snowball of Livorno). We went back home, we had dinner (this time whit sushi) and we went to sleep.


    Day Four:

    After waking up, again at 7:00 a.m., Emir and I went to Villa Corridi, were there is another of Mazzini schools and a park. In the school the teachers divided us into two groups: one had to go to have sport while the other went to paint, then we had to swich. Emir and I first went in the sport group, where we had some games and it was really funny. After an hour we swiched whit the other group and we went to paint. It weren't normal painting, sice we had to make our own colors with spinch, saffron and plaster. Emir and I tried to make a normal paintng, but then we realized it was usless and kinda impossible, so we started with abstractionism. When the hour finished we went to  the Villa Corridi park for have lunch. We ate rice with meatballs (that I brought from home for Emir and me) and than we had free time. After the break we went back to the school were we saw the videos/presentations of some painting for every country, and I won! Emir's presentation was really good, so I voted him, but it wasn't easy because even the others were good. When everything finished we went back home and I gave Emir the gifts that I bought him during the week, and an home-made gift from my mother for Emir's little sister. We ate dinner (beef and vegetables) and we went to sleep.



    Day Five (Goodbye Day):

    We woke up at 7:00 a.m. again and Emir made his suitcase. We went to Tozzetti school were teacher Faleri took him to the airport, where he left our country and returned to Turkey.

    Goodbye, Emir.



    Matteo (IIIG)



    REPORT 2


    Hi, I'm Giada and for the project Erasmus I hosted spanish girl , Emilia. she arrived on Sunday 28th February at 4,30 p.m.     The first day I was really embarassedt and the English I knew seemed to have disappeared from my head.

      On Monday we went to my school for the welcome ceremony for the partner students and each team presented its school and city. After we went to visit the most important theatre of Livorno, teatro Goldoni, it's really spectacular! Later we walked to the centre of the city where there are a lot of shops and we had lunch and after, at about 5 o’clock p.m., we went back home. On Tuesday we went by train to Florence,  a city rich in monuments: we saw the Cathedral, Signoria square and Academia Gallery where we saw the David, an important sculpture of Michelangelo Buonarroti. For  lunch we went to a pizzeria and we ate pizza (the Erasmus group loved it); after there was free time and later we returned to Livorno.

     On Wednesday we went to Pisa by train and we visited: Corso Italia, Piazza dei Miracoli, Lungarni... We ate and after we had free time and we played a bit; later we went to the train station and we took the train back to Livorno.         

    On Thursday we went to another school and we did a workshop with Massimiliano Luschi and we painted with naturals colours made with eggs, spinach and  chalks... After we played in the park near the  school and we returned to school fto present the stories we wrote from paintings. In the end, on  Friday the italian students went to school for lessons and in the evening we brought ours spanish friends to airport.                                          

                For me the Erasmus+ project has been a very beautiful experience it has improved my English in only five days. An experience I would do another 1000 times!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Giada (IIIA)






    REPORT 3


    From 28/02 to 4/03/2016 I hosted an English boy for Erasmus project. The name’s boy is Roshan. He’s 12 years old and he’s from Birmingham. He’s a little shy, but nice. We visited Florence and Pisa. In Florence we saw Ponte Vecchio, the baptistery, the cathedral and the tower. In Pisa we saw the Leaning Tower, the cathedral and the baptistery in Piazza dei Miracoli. Roshan made a lot of photos. I’m happy to have known Roshan and other friends.


    Niccolò (IIIG)



    REPORT 4


    Last week there was the second erasmus+ mobility. Our school hosted 23 students coming  from 5 countries; Norway, Turkey, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom.
    My guest was Saheeda Hussein, she attended to Small Heat School of Birmingam.
    When the  groups arrived the host families went to Pisa airport to welcome foreign students.
    We were excited and we waited for them with banners.
    Each student came back home with his partner
    We met all together at school for the welcome ceremony. Each group presented its school and our school choir sang.
    In the afternoon we visited the Goldoni theatre and then we went shopping. Unfortunately the weather was rainy

    We met at the train station and we went to Florence .we visited the Accademia Gallery to see Michelangelo's "David". it was a nice trip.
    We went to Pisa by train. In Pisa we visited the Keith Haring's graffiti and the Miracles' square.
    All guests took strange photos with the "LeaningTower". After lunch we played in square Norvegian and Slovenian games. Then  the group went shopping. The Norvegian girls "Cleaned. out"  the Lush store.

    We went to school " Villa Corridi". We painted with natural colours with a painter.then we had physical education all together.  In the afternoon we went to Villa Corridi's park to play.

    Then we returned to school and each group presented the stories. I was very embarassed when I read my story. At the end we voted for our favourite one  and each nation had a winner.
    The last day arrived. In the morning my guest went to school in my classroom and she explained something about her school. After lunch host families and students went to Pisa airport......
    Bye Bye Erasmus group.  We’ll see you in Spain


    Gabriele ( IIIG)