Trip to Colonia Güell

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    Trip to “Còlonia Güell”

    The thing which I have enjoyed most since we started the Erasmus Creativity Club, was going to Còlonia Güell for visiting the Gaudí’s church and the other buildings that he built there. 

    One of the reasons why I have enjoyed this visit the most, was that we had some free time for hanging out there and we could see the most ancient and beautiful houses of the whole village. I really enjoyed it.

    But the main reason why I have chosen this trip was the church from “la Còlonia” (the industrial colony) which was made by the architect Antoni Gaudí. I really liked it because everything seemed very natural and wild, it was integrated with the nature: it seemed that the columns were like trees, the ceiling was like the clouds, all in all, it seemed like if you were in a forest. Furthermore I found very interesting the fact that the model of the church was first built upside down.

    Finally these are the reasons why I have chosen this trip.

    Click on this link to learn more about this trip and the tasks it involved: Gaudi's Crypt