• I really like Erasmus+ project because I did a lot of great experiences with it. I think it was great because I knew people from other countries, I learnt many things about their inhabitants, I met a lot of new friends.The mobility to Norway was very nice. Norway is a beautiful country and my hosting family was very helpful and kind and they helped me a lot on the first day when I lost my luggage. They also organized some fantastic activities in the afternoon, for example the visit to Manafossen.I also really liked the school. It's bigger than my school and more beautiful too. The classrooms are very big and it has got a swimming pool and a very nice kitchen.In Norway we did a lot of fantastic activities. My favourite one was the parade of 17th May (Norwegians traditional clothes are beautiful!) and when we cooked a typical Italian food, Tiramisù. I also really liked the visit to Stavanger and the Oil Museum.I really liked my trip to Norway and I'd like to do a similar experience. The only thing I didn't like in Norway is that it always rained.


    My experience in Norway was fantastic and I think it was the same for all those  who shared this journey with me.
    The first few days I was a little bit tired and shy but then the warmth, the hospitality and kidness of the boy's parents that hosted me made me feel relaxed.
    I was impressed with the nature and landscapes in Vikeså or in the neighboring places.
    I also liked the school very much, the way it was organized and how they welcomed us.
    In this week they allowed us to do many things including schoolactivities: PowerPoint presentations, visit to the oil museum or  most funny things  as barbecue, pool party, national day  parade and many other things.
    I think this Erasmus+ experience has been very useful because I met other guys from different countries and I learned a lot of English words to communicate with them; but one of the most important things that I learned from this fantastic trip are: cultural traditions and typical habits that people have in Norway.