Timecapsule from Norway

  • Timecapsule from Norway:

    Dagne Espedal (


    *I would put my diary, because so I can read all of my secrets of when I was a little girl and how I was during the day.

    *I also would send some pictures of me, my friends and my family.

    *I would put my Phone there, because I use it almost every day and almost everybody in the world has one.

    *I also would have some pictures of my favorite films so I can see them again.

    *I also would have an Phone with a movie of where I danced.)


    Jenny Vassbø:

    Time Capsule

    I would put an IPhone, because it is kind of important for people who live now. And people use it everywhere and always. I would also put other technologic stuff, like an IPad or a PC. Because it is also important for people who live now.

    Maybe I would put a newspaper from today, so the people who opens it can see what`s happening today, and what people care about.

    I would maybe put a history book so they can see what we learn, and to let them know what`s different from what they learn.

    I would also put some clothes there, so they can see how people dress and which kinds of clothes those are popular now. And how different the clothes that are popular now are to the clothes that are popular when they open the capsule.


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