The ideal European school

  • What's the ideal European school like?

    On 2nd June 2016 at the third project meeting in Vallbona d'Anoia (Spain) all the partner schools presented their schools so as to compare them in general and more detailed terms. We wanted to know everyday details such as the timetable, the number and length of breaks, the length of lessons, the relationship between students and teachers, the dress code, exams, misbehaviour, weak points and strong points, etc. We forwarded the attached document before the meeting so as to have even presentations by students.

    The original idea was to organise a speed debate in small groups during the meeting in Vallbona, just after the school presentations, but time ran out very quickly and we decided to put off the debate so as to start the rehearsal for the evening final event with families.

    The debate is still in the air, and we suggest you to look at the presentations again and think of the things you like from each partner school and education system so as to create the ideal European school.

    You'll find the six presentations by clicking on MATERIALS above. Then click on FILES and finally check the folder "SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS: What should the ideal European school be like?"

    Or you can find the presentations on these links below:







    What do you like best from each of them? Could we think of an ideal school by mixing the 6 of them?

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    What should the ideal European school be like?

    We'd love to know...

    The Spanish team


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