Students Diaries from Mustafa Asım Cula Secondary School

  • Zeynep Özen’s Diary from Italy TPM


    It was at 04.00 am, this was my first flight experience from Antalya to Istanbul in my life. I was very happy but I was a bit afraid at first. Fortunately we landed from Ataturk Airport without any problem. We ate something at the plane and   we had the next flight from Istanbul to Pisa/Italy. I was still little nervous and probably because of that I had a stomach problem. After landing in Pisa I went through passport control.

    We met with Italian Family at the exit: Francesca (mother), Marco (father), and Matilde (daughter). We went with them to watch Matilde’s swimming competition. We went home at 5.00 p.m. We ate pizza there and after that I was playing computer game with Matilde. In the meantime Matilde’s mother prepared dinner for us: Lasagne, chicken, French fries and salad. Before the meal I gave them presents from Turkey which they enjoyed very much. Later on I called my family and went to the room to write diary, read a book and listened the music. I hope my next days in Italy would be unforgettable.


    Next morning we ate breakfast together with Francesca, Matilde, Viola. There was not enough food for all of us, I was still hungry. The breakfast was so sweet; it was not like the same in Turkey. We went to school and visited a class there. I saw my classmates Ece and Eylül. The school was small but nice. I liked the teachers. After then we ate tiramisu and a different kind of bread. We went to sport hall to take part in a meeting. In this big hall there were many groups of young people from different countries. For the name of each group, teachers were talking about style of life and habit an everyday life of students at schools. In the end, Italian teacher gave everybody their presents. We did the same. After that we went to a class to listen songs. It was surprise for us but we liked it. In the afternoon we walked to Livorno. We went to the theatre the biggest one in Italy. Somebody gave information about this theatre. We didn’t understand. Our teacher Nasiye explained to us. Next point of a day was boat trips through the canals of Pisa but it started to rain and the trip was cancelled instead of that we walked a long by canals shore. Eylül gave me a cookie. I gave her some nuts. I took them from my home. It was not enough, I promised to take more for the next day. We took a lot of pictures. We went to the centre to the restaurants. Francesca prepared lasagne for me but I wanted to eat pizza so I gave lasagne to teacher of my group Serhat and Bülent.I order pizza for myself but they put a lot of tomato sauce and I did not like it. After lunch, the rain finally stopped and they organised boat trip through the canals. After the trip we went home. I took shower. I played table tennis in kitchen with Matilde. We played all together jenga latter. We had a soup, nugget and potatoes at the dinner. As a dessert we ate fruits and chocolate. Francesco prepared herself Turkish coffee. During the evening, I read a book and played telephone. I said everybody ‘’Buono Notte’’ and went to my bed. I was thinking about travelling next day to Florence.




    This morning we ate cake and milk. We went to the train station. We came to the Pisa Tower. I was very excited. I was wonder about Pisa Tower. Firstly, we saw a large wall. The wall was covered with graffiti. I like it so much. It was about a man’s life. It was colourful. We walked toward the Pisa Tower. We finally arrived. It was a great and wonderful tower. We spent a few time in the tower. We bought gifts for our families from small shops. We had taken many photos.   Other structures were beautiful. After, we went to the park. We sat and chatted. We had lunch. After a long time we went to the train station. We were very tired.  We returned home. We played tennis before dinner. The dinner was very nice. We ate spaghetti and mushroom. I played video games with Viola. I sat for a while and went to the bed. I was very excited because I will make my presentation tomorrow at school.


    Today was presentation day. I got up and we had breakfast. I wore my skirt. We went to school. Mr. Marco left us to school. We sat in a classroom. Then we went to the art room. We met with the artist Massimiliano. He was a funny man. We painted our pictures with different techniques. Chalk, egg, spinach, powder. For the first time I did it. I liked it a lot.   We spent time with Ece. And then we left the school. We went to a nearby picnic area. The entire group disbanded. Everyone did different activities. Us a big sapling planted. We rode the rides. We ate something. We're back in school after spending time there for the presentation. We went to the lounge while we were waiting to go to class. We listened to the presentations of other countries. It was our turn. As Turkey, our presentation went very well. Everyone presented their presentation.  We memorized our presentation from the rehearsal in my school. Our stories were beautiful. When the presentation is over, it was time to leave.   We went to the shopping mall with Miss Francisco. I bought gifts. I bought Slippers to my dad for his birthday. In the evening we returned home together. I had a shower. For dinner I ate mashed potatoes and pasta. After dinner, I packed my suitcase. We would leave from Italy the next day. I loved this place so much. I remembered that I had the gifts they gave me.

    Ebru Nisa Öztürk (Spain)

    29.05.2016 the day I went to Spain

    It was a different day I was so excited to fly to Spain. First we flew to Istanbul. It was Nisa’s first flight experience. She was so excited. After Istanbul we flew to Spain.  Then we got on the bus that was waiting for us and then we arrived to the hotel. When I got off from the bus I saw my host and her family. Her name was Carmen. Before we came to Spain I chatted whit her in whattsapp. She was a beautiful girl but she was a short girl. Then I went to meet her. Her family was very cute and sweet. She has one sister. Her father was working in a paper factory and her mother was a babysitter. Their house was beautiful and cute. There were 3 floors in their house. Then they let me to drop my bags and luggage. After then I went to meet with the other students and Carmen’s friend with Carmen. Their names are Christian, Marina, Bruno, Pradip, Niko,Vid . Marina is Nisa’s host, Christian is Niko’s host and he was my pen friend in Turkey. Bruno is Vid’s host and Pradip is Marina‘s friend. Niko and Vid is from Slovenia. We met in the park and then we walked to the hill and we played and threw the grass to each other. It was funny and amazing. Then I went back to home with Carmen. Then her family called me to come to the dinner. There was potato omelette, bread and cheese for dinner. It was different and delicious. After the dinner İ went to take a shower and I went to bed and slept. I was very tired….

    30/05/2016 First day in Spain.

    In the morning Carmen woke me up at 6:30. I am still tired. Then I went to the living room with Carmen. Then I sat on the chair. There were Serials, chocolate bread, chocolate milk, juice and cookie for breakfast. After we changed our clothes we went to the bus stop. I sat with Nisa in the bus. We gossiped with each other and we met with new guys. Then we went to school. The school was very small but it’s cute. It’s like a little box and it’s colourful. Then we met with the other Erasmus students from other country. There were three English girls their names were Madeeha, Minora and Madeeha. And there were three Slovenian students they were Niko, Lana and Vid. And there were four Norwegian girls and they were Thea, Frida, Aina and I couldn’t remember the name of the other one. Then we went to the town hall of the village and we visited the Mayor of the village. And we had some cakes with chocolate milk. And we walked to the playground and we played football, basketball and volleyball with the other students together. And we went back to school again. And then we went to home again for lunch. There were chicken and yellow rice with tomato for lunch. Then we went to the swimming pool party. I didn’t swim but I sat and chit chats with Slovenian and English students who didn’t swim. After the party we went back to home and we had dinner. There was Tuna Pizza for dinner. After dinner we went to meet with Carmen friends and Erasmus students again. We had a good and funny time with each other. Then we went to home again. It was amazing and awesome day I had to go to sleep again. Bye!

    31.05.2016 a new day in Spain… BARCELONAAAAAAA

    I wake and I had my breakfast again then we arrived to school. And we went to Barcelona buy bus. I was solo excited but I was still tired. Barcelona was very beautiful and crowded. First we went to Casa Ballot. It was a beautiful house. It was a popular building in Barcelona and it’s very crowded too. Casa Batllo was one of Gaudi’s masterpieces, invited you to discover what, more than just a building, it is a legend of art. After then we went to Casa de l’ Ardiaca it was beautiful too. Then we went to have a lunch in a fast-food restaurant. And I walked and bought some souvenirs with Nisa. After the lunch we went to Sagrada Familia. It is a large Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona, designed by Gaudi. After then we went back to school again. Then we came home and had dinner. There was a fried squid for dinner. After dinner we met again with Christian, Niko, Marina, Nisa, and Mark. Mark was Carmen’s friend too. Then we went to eat ice cream. They were so Funny and Crazy. We laughed at them. After then we came back home again. It was amazing and beautiful day I was so happy but I was still tired why?  I don’t know too. OK bye goodnight….

    01.06.2016 A NEW DAY AGAINN…  Igualadaaaa

    I woke up and then we went to Igualada by bus. It’s very beautiful. We went to a historic house but I couldn’t remember the name of the house. There was a piano in the house and the English girls played the piano for us. Then we went to the square and we walked and took photos. After then we played GPS game it was a good game. We were a group with some students and the teacher gave us a tablet. We watched the arrow on the tablet and we went to the place that arrow showed us. When the arrow stopped the tablet asked a question about the place that we arrived or the questions about the Erasmus student’s countries. After we finished the game, we walked to the fast food restaurant together with the other students. When we finished our meals, we walked to REC festival. It’s like a bazaar but it’s very crowded and we were so tired. So I sat with Lana and Minora and we talked with each other about around three hours. Then we came back home again then we met with our friends again.  And we went to Christian‘s house. We danced or sang song in his house. It was very funny and good. I sang song more than dancing. Some guys were very funny such as Niko and Bruno they were very funny and crazy. We had a good time I was very happy but I missed my family too. And I got tired everyday then I should sleep…zzzzz……

    02/06/2016 the last day in Spain and presentation… I will cry

    I wake up (again!)   We arrived to school and we went to the old place in the village but there were different things in there I didn’t like it so I will not tell or write…. When we left that place we ate sandwiches and we talked with our teachers. Then we went to school again and then we went to the town hall again first we presented our school to the other students and teachers. Then we practiced the presentation of Ataturk for farewell event with the other students. Then we came back to home again to have lunch. There was pasta with cheese for lunch. After lunch we went to meet with our guys again in the library of the village. Then we sat and talked with each other and prepared the music for presentation. Then we arrived to the town hall again. I and Nisa presented first. After us, the other students from other countries in Erasmus club presented their icons too. After everybody presented their icons, we ate some food that families prepare for us. Then we sang song and danced together with our friends .Then we took a lot of photos with each other. Then we walked to the park near the town hall. We talked and hug each other. After then we went back to home. And I saw Carmen’s uncles. And then I went to sleep.

    03/06/2016 BYE SPAIN…HI TURKEY!

    I wake up again. But I wake up earlier then the other days. And I had my last breakfast in Spain. Then I prepared my luggage and Carmen’s family gave me a lot of present for me and my family. They were so kind and cute. I love them… I will miss them all … then we came to hotel. Before getting on the bus we hug to each other and gave a good luck with kisses to each other. Then we said bye to each other…OH someone‘s crying!!! Please don’t cry my friend. We will meet at soon again I hope.  And we got on the bus. Then we arrived to the airport. And we went to check in. Then we got on the plane. Good bye everyone, good bye SPAIN! I will miss you… (4 hours ago) Hi Turkey, Hi my family my friends and my school…

    15 / 05/ 2017 KARYA KINAY-First Day in Norway


     It’s the first day at the school today but I get used to it later. Groups were created at the school. We made presentations about ourselves. Then, when school finished, we went home. Thea and her friends cooked pizza for us at home. Then, we climbed mountain along with Thea and her friends. I and my friends were very tired because it is a very high mountain. We went home and went to bed early.


    We got up early and went to the school. We took a big bus from the school and went to Stavanger. First, we went to Oil Museum. Then, we went to Cathedral. We didn’t stay at Cathedral too long and we went to the bus again. Then, we went to Vikesa. At Vikesa, everyone went to the houses. We stayed at home for an hour and we went to the bowling. We enjoyed it. Then, we went to the home. We made Turkish coffee and we slept.


    We got up early and we had breakfast. Today, they were wearing national costumes because it was their national holidays. They looked very nice. We went to the school and joined the parade. We walked for a long time. We went to the school and the ceremony was all very amazing. Then, we went to the pool party. The weather was very cold. So we didn’t swim in the pool. When the party was finished we went to the home and went to bed early.


    Today, we got up early. We had breakfast and wore clothes because today was presentation day. We went to the school. We went to the somewhere from school to play games and grill. First, they taught us the game. Then, we had lunch. After an hour, all the students went to Thea’s friend’s house. We went to the school. At school, we changed our clothes for the final event at Vikesa Skule .After an hour, everyone came to school and everyone cooked their traditional dishes. We made Turkish Ravioli. It was so beautiful. Everyone ate food and we did our presentation. I think the presentation is beautiful. Then, we went to the home. We prepared our baggage and we slept.



    Today is our first day in Norway. I’m very excited. We had a breakfast with Malin and Tuva. Then we went to school. I told with my friends. Matilde (my Italian friend) gave me a gift. I was so happy. Torfinn and head teacher made an opening speech. After that, we played a lot of games with our own group. And we made our presentations. I was successful. Spanish boy and I taught ours national children’s game to sixth grade students. It was so enjoyable. We spent a little more time at school and returned home. I ate pizza for lunch. We went to waterfall with Malin’s handball team. We climbed to mountain to go to waterfall. It was very tiring. 

    We took photos and had fun. We returned to home. I ate some Norwegian foods for dinner. I told with my family and my friends. We chatted and went to bed after this tiring day.


    I got up at half past six. I ate coco pops for breakfast. We went to school. We waited for bus. We left from school to go to the Stavanger. We stopped for watch the scenery. The mountains and water were so beautiful together. We went to Oil Museum in Stavanger. We watched a 3D film about oil museum. We visited to museum. We went into the dark room and tried to go out. It was very excited and funny. We left from there. We walked in the city. I took a lot of photos. And we came to Cathedral of Stavanger. I entered the church for the first time in my life. It was different. We returned to home, I had a rest. I played a game with girls (Malin, Tuva, Alva and Vilde). They are very cute girls. I had a dinner. Malin’s friend Siri joined us. We watched a movie at the garage. We went to school to playing a table tennis. We spent a great time. We ate chips and popcorn. I gave my presents for family. They were so happy and liked my presents. I made a Turkish coffee Malin and Renate. They really liked it. Renate made a Norwegian coffee for me. It was really delicious. We sat and chatted. I told with my family and my friends about today. I surfed on the Net, spoke with Malin and slept.


    I woke up. We had a breakfast all together. Their father made a omelette for me. It was a good breakfast. We made a preparation for parade and celebration. We went to Bjerkreim. We walked so much, sang a song, and took photos. After parade, we played different and enjoyable games with İrem, Karya, Gül, Malin and Thea. We watched a dance shows and ate ice-cream. We went to Malene’s house. We played a table tennis, ate something. The others entry the pool but I did not. Because the weather was so cold. We played different games. We downed from the mountain. We came to seaside. It rained. When we returned to home, I had a shower. I ate chicken, rice and cucumber. After dinner I ate a dessert. I talked about tomorrow with Malin and Renate. I was very tried so I slept. It was really nice day!


    I got up early. I ate something for breakfast. Today is a presentation day so I’m excited. First we went to school. We learned a cricket. Then we went to different place. We made a barbecue and played a lot of different games. It was very enjoyable. We returned home to preparing for presentation. At school, all students cooked their typical food. We made Turkish ravioli. We ate meals and did ours presentations. We danced all together. And it was time to say bye. We said goodbye and returned to home.  I got my suitcase so tomorrow we are going to back to Turkey. I talked with Malin about everything. I thought about good memories in this amazing week and I slept.