EARTH HOUR - 26 of March 2022!

  • Hello dear friends!! ​​​​​​26 of March 2022! Millions of people around the world, in support of our planet Earth, turned off the lights and we were all united for the "Earth Hour"!! The pupils and the Art Teacher mrs Theodora Chandrinou from the 4th Primary School of Zografou, Greece invited all the project partners to share a photo, a message or video and participate in the events. Here are the results!! Congratulations!!

    Firstly we share videos by WWF HELLAS - Greece


    Maria Mendes de Almeida - English Classes of Primary Schools at AZUFF - Portugal 


    The pupils of the 4th primary School of Zografou, Greece

    share environmental messages and invite our friends to participate in the event with their Art creations!


    Maria Mendes de Almeida - English classes of Primary Schools at AZUFF - Portugal

    A message from Planet Earth!

    Maria Mendes de Almeida - English Classes of Primary School at AZUFF - Portugal

    Are we doing enough to save our beautiful Planet?


    EB Abadias, 1.º A - AEZUFF, Figueira da Foz



    Ana Monteiro English teacher AEZUFF

    Earth Hour is now!


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