About project

  • Topic:

    - Environmental Education.

    Description of The Project:

    1. This project intends to know / research the climate, fauna and life of the Antarctic or Antarctic continent. It is intended to understand that the ocean is global and its role in regulating the planet's climate.
    2. It is intended as a final product to produce a story that reports the history of Antarctica, its explorers and scientific research carried out by Portuguese and Brazilian scientists.
    3. The aim is to create flags for Antarctica, make them available on etwinning and send them to Antarctica. 


    - To promote the need to protect the ocean;

    - To celebrate National Maritime Day, European Day and World Ocean Day;

    - To increase motivation to study the polar sciences;

    - To celebrate Antarctica Day;

    - To write a collaborative story about Antarctica exploration;

    - To promote the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in a safe environment;

    Work Process:
    1 - Presentation of the schools by giving a brief description.

    2 - Teachers assign their students a username and a password .

    3 - Individual presentation of students in the Forum of the eTwinning platform.

    4 - During the school year, students will deepen their understanding of the importance that the ocean and Antarctica play in Earth's climate.

    5 - Individually or in groups students create products that the teachers will systematically add (photos and descriptions) to the Twinspace.

    6 - Each school organizes exhibitions of flags to Antarctica and develops different Types of works about the ocean.

    7 - Each school partner sends handmade products and postcards in the New Year.

    8 - The students of the partner schools partners write a common story about Antarctica.

    9 - Others activities can be added.


    - A collaborative storybook about Antarctica.

    - To promote at school a Polar Week - collaborative interview with scientists about their oceanic and Antarctic research.

    - To produce flags for Antarctica and to make them available in the etwinning space and then, send them to the scientists, who are doing research in Antarctica.

    - A Compilation of all our work in an Education Platform - Artsteps. 

    - Collaborative work in the Padlet about Antarctica's Penguins.


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    Pedagogical Methods and Approaches


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