We recycle for a better environment!

  • Hello dear friends!!

    In the 4th Primary School of Zografou, Greece we are working on environmental projects and we promote attitudes and activities that can make our environment better!!

    We created Art work and posters about recycling. Also we created our robots made of recyclable material!! We played theatrical games and made interesting presentation in the classroom!!

    You are all welcome 💕🇬🇷🤖🐧💌

    Best wishes from the pupils of grade 5 and 6 and the Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou🌞🌹



    English Class- AEZUFF Ana Monteiro

    Recycling candy box



  • Recycling is a way of life style and the students learn how important is for our environment, for all of us and our planet Earth. Do you recycle?
    Yes, I do!!!
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