The name of our international group

  • The name of our international group

    We are now a big international group as we joined our forces and we accepted to work all together, Teachers and Students in our eTwinning project.

    We got inspired  from the experts talk online Seminar of the "Creative Classroom Group"

    So, we decided to give a name to our international group  and choose one in common all together. In order to  characterize us better we invited our Students to help us deside between the next names:

    1. "Recycling Art poem"
    2. "Creative recycling"
    3. "Colorful recycling wings"

    ​We sudjested each of our participating children to vote and choose one of  the above names.

    After the poles we made in classrooms we present here the voted name. 

     From Greece: "Colorful recycling wings"

    From Italy: "Colorful recycling wings" 

    From Spain: "Colorful recycling wings" 

    As a next sted we made a picture all together, including the name written!!!

    We also  started a creative  travel through traditional post from Greece. A letter  was sent bu post to Italy, and the students  added their colors. After the message traveled to Spain and our friends put their final colorful touches!!!

    As a result, the name "Colorful recycling wings" was chosen and paintings also were shared.

    In the final exhibition - presention of our projects results,  photos shared of this common activity as a precious gift of the fruitful  collaborations!!

    Photos are presented below! 

    Students from Madrid are working on the topic:



    Students from Greece  present  their creations:                  



    Students from Italy sent their creation: