"The Smiling Children" Create and Collaborate

  • We are "The Smiling Children"!!!

    Γειά σας παιδιά! Hello children! Hola amigos! Ciao!


    We created and collaborated with our friends from other schools from Greece, Spain and Italy!

    Our Teacher Sophy Misirli is teaching  us and helps us to learn about you!

    Our Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou is giving us Art wings to travel with you, to communicate with our friends from Spain and Italy and to learn Spanish and Italian words!!! You can see all the Art creations we made in the Fine Arts subject, presented in the twin space pages!!

    Our ICT Teacher Katerina Stamatidou taught us so many things about new technology and computer programs that we used them and we became better!!!

    Our English Teacher Evangeline Tzavara is close to us in every step!!

    Our School Principle Marina Siarava is supporting us in this educational travel!

    Here we share our works!

    We share our favorite images!!!


    Dear friends, all the best from Ilion, Greece.