“The students organize and present works - Recycling Campaign”

  • Hello dear friends!

    We are  "The Recycling Teachers"  from 20th Primary School of Ilion, Greece.

    Here we present our collaboarative activities and we thank all the Teachers that cooperated with us and all the students from Greece, Spain and italy for the beautiful collaboration!!!

     We wish to ispire you!

    Thank you and we hope to inspire you!

    “The students organize and present works - Recycling Campaign

    4/3/2016 – 11/3/2016

    A “Recycling Campaign”  took  place in our School – 20th primary School of Ilion, Greece, that included one week lasting of educational activities, in the framework of the Fine Arts Subject and our e-Twinning European project: “Recycling through Art”. Through the project method our students’ group: “Recycling Teachers” educated, successfully spreaded the messages and made sensitive the School community about the recycling benefits and of  Environmental Education.

    Via the interdisciplinary and integrated approach of Visual Arts we organized, also, an exhibition with children’s creations in the School Events Hall which was open to public.

    Also, we promoted the importance of Art Education as a tool, cultivating life skills thanks to direct and experiential group cooperative learning strategies applied in classroom. Students exchanged materials with their e-Twinning School-mates on internet, using the twin-space platform and computer programs.

    Activities Process:

    • Organizing educational materials – theoretical base.
    • Creating posters for promotion and spreading of the  Environmental message.
    • Making digital presentations.
    • Land Art creation in the School garden.
    • Presenting events and exchanging materials between School-mates via  active personal participation.
    • Participating and organizing Art Exhibition.
    • Uploading results on web pages


    Main targets:

    • Environmental sensitization,  on the need for healthy environment
    • To increase  critical thinking and mature personalities
    • Co-operation and sharing  among students from different Schools (Greece, Spain, Italy).
    • Cultivation of social and personal skills
    • Use of English language
    • Use ICT programs and internet in a safe way
    • Cultivation of Aesthetic values and skills.


    Our collaborations are presented on padlet:




    We created the wall of friendship:



    Supervisor Teacher: Theodora Chandrinou