Preliminary contact with the participating Schools

  • The first contacts were achieved with the Greek Schools: 14 of Ilion, Athens - Greece and with the Spanish ones: Colegio  San Jose and Divina Pastora. Theodora Chandrinou and Esperanza Caro joined their educational forces and opened a path for collaboration through this Art eTwinning project.

    5th Pr. School of Dafnis, Athens - Greece joined and  20th primary School of Ilion, Athens - Greece as well.

    "Printmaking workshop -Black and White forms"


    Took place in 5th Pr. School of Dafnis, Athens, Greece.

    The printmaking technique as a pedagogical tool in primary school. The pupils had a first  contact with this Art. The "black and white forms"  opened a world to them and to us! The results exhibited in the School event hall of  the 5th Pr. School of Dafnis and presented in twispace.


    IES Tierra de Barros  joined the project. 

     Original xylography Christmas cards as created every year in Badajoz (Spain), were  spread them out around Europe with many love and peace messages inside.


    "Christmas bazaar"

    From 17  to 23 of December 2015.

    14 Pr. School of Ilion organized a Bazaar with charity character.

    The students of Colegio San Jose sent educational materials as an exchanging  collaborative action.  Greek pupils used  the material in their creations and shared in the bazaar their creativity!!