Art and safe internet- Interaction among Schools

  • Art and safe internet

    In the classroom we dedicated many lessons on the topic of "Safe Internet",

     The Fine Arts subject became our vehicle, under the supervision of Mrs Theodora Chandrinou, through Art and safe internet workshops, on line presentations and interdisciplinary approach, children managed to develop knowledge on the topic and cultivate aesthetic values.

    We worked during 2017 - 2018 with the pupils of the 4th primary School of Zografou, Athens, Greece and through padlet we collaborated with many Schools around the world. In collaboration with the head Master of the School Konstantinos Pittaras we shared in the School community the results. 

    This eTwinning project activity proposed by Theodora Chandrinou aimed to promote Art and technology. This synergy is a creative educational tool in the learning practice.

    Δημιουργήθηκε με το Padlet


    Collaborated also: Theodoros Archontidis (head Master of the 14th primary School of Ilion), the ICT Teachers Konstantinos Ropodis (14th pr. School of Ilion, Greece) and Katerina Stamatidou (20th pr. School of Ilion, Greece). We had video presentations and events open to all the School community, due to make clear the "Safe Internet" messages. We presented to public  an event including ICT works, poems and Art exhibition of the students works!

    Students of the 14th primary School of Ilion, Greece and of the 20th primary School of Ilion, Greece created posters using different art teqniques and ICT tools making clear 

    the "Safe Internet" messages.

    We made a seleccion of our posters created and here we present them:


    We learned to collaborate through our etwinning project and share safely the results!!!!

    We exchanged works among the Greek Schools!!!!


    Pupils of the 1st primary School of Ilion created posters and you can see more below:


    We were eduacted on how to create a poster:

    We used videos as educational material on how to create a poster:

                                                                    Supervisor Fine Arts Teacher: Theodora Chandrinou.                                                              Video editor- Head of the 14th primary School of Ilion, Greece: Theodoros Archontidis.


    Safe internet for the children and important information:


    Also, we were educated on the topic from the eTwinning learning events for Teachers by  Mrs Irene Pateraki


    With the help of the Fine Arts Teacher, Mrs Theodora students from the Greek Schools  participated in the eTwinning competition of the "Creative Classroom group" by Irene Pateraki presented on facebook:

    Digital Citizenship Poster Competition

    By the eTwinning Creative Classroom Group


     Thank you all for the collaboration!!!!