The tree of friendship


    The tree of Friendship

     Γεια σας από την Ελλάδα! Hello from Greece!!! ¡Hola de España!

    Pupils from Greece united all the exchanged messages of friendship,

    sent from the students from their friends from Greece and Spain

      and created "the tree of friendship"!

    An exhibition was presented and the tree of collaboration will be there, on the School wall, 

    for many years to reflect the spirit of cooperation!

    Teachers from Spain and Greece, each one  from his field enriched the activity.


    Also we used different ICT tools to share massages.

    With Titan we wrote a fairy tail as we were inspired from this activity

    20th pr. School of Ilion, Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou


    We were sharing the spirit of eTwinning collaboration!

    The pupils of the 20th pr. School of Ilion, Greece exchanged their stensil

    Art Teacher: Theodora Chandrinou

    Thank you all for the great work and collaboration!!!



    Pupils of the 1st pr. School of Pefki, Greece
    with their  Art Teacher: Theodora Chandrinou

    sent their Roses of friendship !

    The ICT Teacher Konstantinos Ropodis also made a lesson about friendship and

    created with the pupils this beautiful archive:

    ICT - 14th Elementary School of Ilion

    Supervisor Teacher: Theodora Chandrinou