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    Personal Development & the Internet

    in the 21st Century

    These podcasts were produced by our students during their Erasmus project week in Vilnius with the help of the radio club of the IB World School in Šiauliai. 


    1 Identity and our digital footprint – What is the relationship between our personality and what we do on the internet? 

    Erasmus Podcast 1.mp3


    2 Digital portraits and media avatars – How are media personalities constructed across multiple media outlets?

    Erasmus Podcast 2.mp3


    3. Between authenticity and fake – What is the current role of self-fashioning?

    Erasmus Podcast 3.mp3


    4. Between integrity and fake – What is the current role of influencers online?

    Erasmus Podcast 4.mp3


    5. Social or anti-social – How does the internet influence group communication and interaction online and offline?

    Erasmus Podcast 5.mp3


    6. Dopamine and depression – What are the psychological effects of social media use on individuals?

    Erasmus Podcast 6.mp3