Transdigital Education - Developing Key Competences through Holistic Learning and Teaching in the Digital Age

The goal of this project is to create an innovative, 'transdigital' learning and teaching approach based on the conviction that effective digital-age learning does not make isolated and ineffective use of digital devices and applications, but considers them as part of a holistic educational concept “to prepare students for a fulfilling and productive life in which their skills and attributes are constantly challenged, developed and applied as part of their lifelong learning” (J. Hare, Holistic Education). The project will foster a broad and sophisticated set of skills, competences and personal qualities in secondary school students and teachers while its impact will be most visible in the close international collaboration and the professional exchange of best practice among the project schools in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and Spain, which will strengthen the awareness for how digital and traditional methods and media may intertwine to meet individual learners' needs.

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