2.1 Transclassical Pictures

  • "How many words are there for green? Not enough. Photography is more precise than language. It can still express the finest shades between yellow and olive green, can make a sun-flooded palm frond shine against the light and send the viewer into the dark undergrowth in the same picture."

    Kia Vahland



    Our Erasmus project is "transdigital", because it combines digital media with holistic learning and thus goes beyond the usual approach of teaching digital literacy.

    According to W. Huy, transclassical processes in art are a combination of classical and modern painting and printing techniques. The idea is to combine elements that do not originally belong together, such as technology and nature, or to generate a completely new visual language from existing elements.



    Topic: Complex Structures in Nature or

               Nature and Technology


    Technique: Painting, Photography, Collage


    Material: Photography, paper, acrylic paint


    Course: Art, Year 11


    Teacher: Dagmar Bieniek