Prep Work 1: The Arts & Social Media


    Students look into the history of self-fashioning by combining art and social media.

    • How were paintings, photographs, sculptures or other artistic representations of a person designed in different periods of art?
    • How are they similar/different to portraits and self-portraits on social media platforms?
    • How important is a user’s social media personality and to what extent can it be inferred from visual attributes in their feed?
    • How do selfies and social media portraits influence self-expression and identity construction? To what extent do they change our self-perception?

    These are some of the questions you will need to consider when analysing art work and evaluating your own self-representation and/or the self-fashioning of your idols. Feel free to choose a creative way to present your findings, for example in form of a COLLAGE.



    1. It might help to narrow down your topic, for example to
    – Beauty
    – Fashion
    – Old Age
    – Youth
    – Maculinity
    – Femininity
    – Sportiness
    – Humour
    – Intellect
    – Love of…

    2. When comparing social media to artwork, choose an in-depth approach. To learn about ONE particular artist and ONE blogger or influencer may be more interesting than a gallery of different creators, styles and periods.

    3. It might help others to understand your chosen visual representations if you explain your choice.

    4. Give your sources and don’t plagiarize.