Let's celebrate together!

Our project will focus on how schools from different European countries celebrate international days and local festivals within the school environment. Some international days will be chosen to be celebrated in common as well as some local events or festivals will be chosen by the schools themselves in order to show each other different customs and...

May - International Workers' Day


Action „Let's Do It“. Environmental Clean - Up Day in our school




1st of May, International Workers’ Day – It was declared as a public holiday after the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1919. Celebrations are to honor the spirit of the fight against unemployment and deterioration of the status quo for workers. In 1933 – 1938 the celebrations also reflected a protest against fascism and war.


Despite of that fact, that on the 1st May was holiday, we also worked. We created our city, when we would like to live ....clean and without rubbish.








International Workers’ Day / Festa dei lavoratori

May 1 is a national public holiday in Italy. It celebrates workers’ achievements in their struggle for their rights and for better social and economic conditions. It is celebrated since 1892. During this day shops, restaurants and schools are closed, but most of the museums and tourists attraction are open and often free or with reduced tickets.



All over Italy there are concertsparadesprocessions and country festivals. Very popular is Rome’s Concerto del Primo Maggio (1 May’s Concert) or Concertone (Big concert),  held in Piazza San Giovanni. It is organized by Italian Labor Unions and attended by more than 500,000 people every year. It involves participation of many famous bands and songwriters. The Concerto usually starts at 3 pm and ends close to midnight.






Author: Ivana Čepová
Last editor: Anastasia Spagnuolo