Let's celebrate together!

Our project will focus on how schools from different European countries celebrate international days and local festivals within the school environment. Some international days will be chosen to be celebrated in common as well as some local events or festivals will be chosen by the schools themselves in order to show each other different customs and...

March - Easter handicrafts


Dear friends, we are sending you instructions how to make

spring flowers. We are waiting for yours and we are look forward

to them .


Slovakia - Ivana



Spring flowers from Ivana Čepová on Vimeo.


Slovakia - Irena



ITALY - Anastasia
Our Easter Bunny with basket Tutorial :-)
Enjoy!! ;-)
Lithuania - Jurate
Slovakia - Ingrid  OUR EASTER CHICKENS
Greece: Here are our paper plate Easter baskets! Can you make them too?

... and our paper plate Easter bunny!




Springtime means tulips.  We  will show you how to make a full paper tulip to decorate your classroom or to use as a gift decoration.


Start with your paper coloured side up. Fold in half, then in half again, as shown. Crease well, then open out again.

Turn the paper over and fold in half diagonally and in both directions. Crease well and open out once again.

Holding the points shown, bring them both down to the centre point on the bottom line. Flatten model. This is called a waterbomb base.

Fold bottom corners of front flaps up to the top corner. Repeat this on the back as well. Turn the front flap to the left, like turning the pages in a book. Do the same to the other side of the model.

Move the upper flaps toward each other, and tuck one into the other, as far as it goes.

When you flatten this, make sure the distances A & B shown are equal.

Repeat steps 6 & 7 on back of model, to get this.

Blow into base of tulip to inflate and shape the flower.

Peel each petal down, slowly and carefully. Your tulip is now finished.


Author: Ivana Čepová
Last editor: Ivana Čepová