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Our project will focus on how schools from different European countries celebrate international days and local festivals within the school environment. Some international days will be chosen to be celebrated in common as well as some local events or festivals will be chosen by the schools themselves in order to show each other different customs and...

April 2d - International Children's Book Day

International Children's Book Day

Since 1967,on or around Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, 2 April, International Children's Book Day is celebrated to  inspire a love of reading.

Children's Book Day in our school. Lithuania - Jurate


We remember a Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and his wonderful fairy tales.

The diplomas were handed to the best readers by a school librarian.

My pupils made the books

We made books for mothers and organised exhibition in the library




On April 2nd we celebrated the International Book Day in our school with a theatrical play of a famous Aesop's feable called "The grasshopper and the ant" performed by class A2. 

We also invited a very popular Greek children's book writer to speak to our pupils.



International Children's Book Day was proclaimed in 1967 by the Children's book Council. 
This day was established in honor of the birth(April 2) 
of the Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen in 1805. 
   Because of the celebration of this day the pupils
from the second class of our school had several 
reading activities entitled "Reading is a child´s play for me." 
Their reading abilities verify the contest "The King of readers 
from 2.A class". 
Their reading literacy verify the test of fairy tale of Daniel Hevier: "Tale about the small "a". 
    In the next activity pupils gave a presentation about their favorite book – they talked 
about the author, illustrator and also about what they liked the most about the book. 
     In conclusion pupils played at illustrators and made an illustration of their favorite book.
















Author: Jurate Laurutiene
Last editor: Jurate Laurutiene