Let's celebrate together!

Our project will focus on how schools from different European countries celebrate international days and local festivals within the school environment. Some international days will be chosen to be celebrated in common as well as some local events or festivals will be chosen by the schools themselves in order to show each other different customs and...

December - Children's Day

Greece  - 11th December - Children's Day

We celebrated Children's Day on 11th December in our school by having a beautiful celebration organised by our 6-year- olds in Grade A. Children sang songs about children's rights and played little theatrical plays about them. At, the same time, children drew their rights and made puzzles, both real and on-line. Finally, we hosted in our school a joint event with pupils from other schools of our area about the children's rights.

You can play our puzzles here on-line.


   ITALY - 20th November

               We also sang  "Heal the world" 

Author: Maria Stalia
Last editor: Anastasia Spagnuolo