Let's celebrate together!

Our project will focus on how schools from different European countries celebrate international days and local festivals within the school environment. Some international days will be chosen to be celebrated in common as well as some local events or festivals will be chosen by the schools themselves in order to show each other different customs and...

October festivals


The festivals celebrated this month in each partner country are....

In Greece we celebrated the 28th of October National holiday...

24th October from Maria Stalia on Vimeo.



Slovakia, Pugačevova Street

In Slovakia we celebrated the 28th of October Grandparents´Day

We are designing greetings cards for our grandparents


Grandparents´ Day - Grandma. Grandpa. I love you - kids poems. Pupils sing and dance.



                                       Grandparents´ Day, Slovakia, Pugačevova Street







Halloween from Anastasia Spagnuolo anachelp



Slovakia, Dargovských hrdinov Street:   eTwinning weeks in October

As every year we have prepared several activities in our school at Dargovských hrdinov street in Humenné. These activities were done with the School S. Šmálika in Tvrdošín in Slovakia. Activities were preceded by the preparation and the competition in spelling English words. We conducted familiarization Skype interview. We drew the following topics: Bratislava castle, Salas and sheep, Spiš castle and the High Tatras. Children from Tvrdošín drew Demänovská Ice cave, Folklore, Orava castle and the River Danube. Pupils drew pictures, searched information and recorded the information. Then they told some sentences in English language. At the end we together spelled the names of all EU countries in English.



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3 October. School has been celebrated the International Teachers' Day on 3 October. The parents of pupils helped us. They were the teachers.
Many people in Lithuania celebrate Halloween, which occurs annually on October 31. It is also known as All Hallows’ Eve and is the day  before All Saints’ Day. Costume parties are held and many children go trick-or-treating around this time of the year.
You can see how our pupils and their parents celebrate Halloween . Kelme „Aukuras“ basic school 3a class.



Author: Maria Stalia
Last editor: Jurate Laurutiene