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  •  The thirth day

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     The working day began with an international seminar on "Designathion method", which was attended by teachers and students. Designathon Works considers children to be changing, committed citizens, activists, scientists and inventors. The application of this method allows students to develop their skills and be active citizens of a changing world. The lecturer of the seminar was Ms. Ralitsa Popova from the association "Knowledge" Lovech. The guests visited the attractive "Golden Park" in the city, where the folk custom "Silent Water" with PGSS students "Sergei Rumyantsev" was restored under the leadership of Director Antoaneta Necheva. The legend of the Zlatna Panega river was also presented. On the banks of the river, an oath was signed for the partnership of rivers from partner cities. The coordinators expressed the hope that this partnership would lead to closer relations between students and representatives of cities and schools, both from a cultural, social and historical point of view, and from the point of view of protecting the environment and, in particular, rivers.