04_The fourth day in Greece

  • We got to the 4th day!
    Early in the morning we went for a walk in the woods along the river Karpenissiotis. Later, we had the opportunity to visit Kefalovryso Park and participate in some experiments dynamized by the Department of Forest Environment (Athens University of Agriculture) as part of the water quality assessment. This was followed by a visit to Newton Park, a space that supports discovery through experiments based on the laws of physics. Participants were able to perform simulations, change gravity, even pause and turn back time.
    Our lunch took place at Fresh Trout Farm, a lively fishing farm where trout are farmed without the use of any chemicals and the fish are grown directly on the consumer's table for a year and a half.
    In the evening we had an event, which the students were looking forward to -   closing dinner and ceremonial presentation of certificates. It was beautiful and unforgettable.