01_First day

  • The first day of mobility began with a ceremonial welcome, which took place at the 1st primary school in Karpenissi. The celebration was wonderful with the extraordinary involvement of students and teachers and introduced us to the history of Greece.
    After a guided tour of the school, students engaged in communicative games to get to know each other a little.
    The teachers took part in two official visits, one to the mayor, Mr. Nikalaos Souliotis and others to the Regional Director, Mr Aristidis Tasios.
    At the end of the day, we participated in a seminar on the history of fuels and a workshop on ecological machines promoted at the Karpenissi Cultural Center. Each team assembled a water turbine, the functionality of which it also tested. They will take their product to their homeland and will be an aid to physics lessons. https://www.kipe.gr/