Creative Thinkers - Golden Rules and Learnish expressions

  • Creativity is described as a set of skills and attitudes that anyone is capable of: tolerating ambiguity, redefining old problems, finding new problems to solve, taking sensible risks, and following an inner passion. Many experts in psychology and education argue that creativity skills are psychological skills needed for success in school and in the future workforce. Creativity also directly enhances learning by increasing motivation, deepening understanding, and promoting joy.

    Creativity is not:

    1. Just for artists, writers, and painters. It’s an attitude and way of problem-solving that applies across domains, from engineering, to biology, to business.

    2. Necessarily a result or sign of mental illness. While there may be connections between creativity in individuals with certain disorders, beware anecdotal stories of ear-slicing artists and hot-headed scientists.

    3. A fixed trait that only some people possess.

    4. The same as IQ. Even students who are not intellectually “gifted” can be highly creative.

    5. Beyond measurement. While no single test is perfect, there are many ways to assess (and improve) creativity.


    Let's help our schools prioritize creativity! Let's help our students and teachers become more creative! 


    PLTS Posters created by students as a result of international collaboration:

  • PLTS posters: Golden Rules and Learnish expressions helping to boost Creative Thinking

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