Materials for a lesson on noise

  • The Italian team has planned a very interesting lesson on noise before the mobility. Some students from all  the partner  schools  participated in it online.

    These is the lesson plan and the link to the video.


    Online meeting 6th October 2021

    Lesson plan

    Sounds and noises 


    1.Watch the Ted talk video by Julian Treasure 


    2.Show the chart/table

    Categorize the sounds into these areas:

    1. pleasant sounds
    2. unpleasant sounds
    3. powerful sounds 
    1. Watch the part of the talk again. Complete the table below:


    4 ways sound affects you


    Positive/Neutral example

    Negative example


    Sound affects our hormones, breathing, heart rate etc.

    1 ……..


    Alarm clock

    2 ...

    3 ...

    4 ….


    Sad music


    5 ….

    Two versions of his voice


    6. ……..


    We move away from unpleasant sounds towards pleasant ones.



    7. ….


    8. ….


    Julian Treasure is the chair of the Sound Agency, a firm that advises worldwide businesses - offices, retailers, hotels - on how to use sounds. Julian Treasure’s idea worth spreading is that sound can have a subtle but profound effect on our feelings and behaviour.


    3.Watch the video again and fill in the gaps


    4.Check the answers


    5.Students make two questions about how noises affect their lives.

     Teacher make some examples like the following  ones:

     a.What noise disturbs you  most?

    • traffic noises
    • alarm clock ring
    • dogs barking

    b. Is there a quiet place in your school where you can relax?

    • No, there isn’t
    • yes there is a garden or courtyard
    • Other answer

    c. what is a typical sound or noise of your city?

      • A traffic jam
      • birds singing
      • Silence



    6. The international team prepares a  questionnaire  together (8/10 questions)

    After the online meeting each school will complete  the questionnaire.

    Here are its results:  


    During the mobility students created some videos on noises.