Cinematography workshop

  • To prepare for the mobility and promote awareness of one's responsibility for biodiversity, teachers encouraged all the students to take pictures of living organisms of their country, which were then organised in an exhibition entitled “Biodiversity in your Camera”, displayed in all the schools and published on eTwinning. Upon arriving in Mäntsälä, the students, coordinated by the teachers, attended a workshop on cinematography with professional movie makers, Koulukino – School Cinema Association. Later, they were asked to create a short video about a specific problem related to biodiversity and climate change, so students had the chance to debate the issue, to hear people’s views and emotions, then come up with their own suggestions for how they personally could make a difference. The subject was also addressed in the documentary movie on fells in Lapland the students were shown in the afternoon.


    LINKS to the videos made by our students collaborating in international teams: 

    Fb PLTS group:

  • Have a look at the photos and the evaluation forms from this event!

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