Sustainability and collaboration in Finland

  • The participants were taken to Lahti and to the 2nd Salpausselkä ridge, formations left behind by the last Ice Age. The guided tour took them around the city and the lake, the Pro Puu Center and wood gallery and the Sibelius Concert Hall, home of the Lahti Symphony Orchestra, with its modern wood architecture. Lahti is a green city and a model for sustainability, as less than 1% of the waste produced there goes to landfills, organic waste is used to produce biofuel and has many zero waste buildings. Lahti is also an example of collaborative work, as education institutions, city representatives and business all work together to make it a very successful city. The teachers encouraged the students to reflect on how the Lahti reality could be implemented in other cities. The activities for the day also included tasting typical Scandinavian food.

  • Please, take a look at the photos from this event!

    Lahti PUU
    Lahti Sibelius Concert Hall