Spreading reflective learning!

  • Reflective learning is a form of education in which the students reflect upon their learning experiences. It recognizes the role of social context and experience, allowing students to know their strengths and weaknesses, to understand experiences differently and take action accordingly.

    Reflective learners set goals, ask questions, think about past experiences and learn from them, practice new skills and always try to improve.

    What they are learning, why they are learning it and how they are using what they are learning are some of the questions reflective learners frequently ask themselves in order to improve their knowledge, their skills and competences.

    Acknowledging that this form of learning is very useful for students, we posted information about this subject through the entire school, specially in classrooms. We also sent that same information to the teachers, so that they can practice reflective learning with their students.

    So far, the feedback is very positive. Teachers say that their students are more engaged in their learning process, as they begin to understand better what, why and how they are learning. Also, and after long periods of online teaching, they are beginning to develop self-awareness and learning more about themselves, articulating their skills / learning to others.

    Through reflective learning, students are becoming more independent learners.