Students self-evaluation.

  • Am I a good team worker?

    Do I show respect when collaborating with others? Do I have the understanding how other people in my group feel?

    Am I able to persuade people I have a good idea?

    Can I commit to ideas that were not my own?

    Do I sometimes act as the leader?

    Do I tell other people when they have done well?

  • Share your reflections here. Thank you! :)

    Sofia - Madeira

    The ability to work as a team is a very important skill for any person.
    Whenever I’m collaborating with others, I always show respect and I constantly try to understand how others feel in the group.
    Sometimes, when I have a good idea, I am able to persuade my teammates.
    I can commit to others’ ideas, because, in my opinion, it’s good to have different ideas and perspectives.
    Sometimes, if I have to, I act like a leader.
    Telling other people when they do well is important for the team, so I try to do it whenever I can.

    Emilka - Poland

    Teamwork is important, not only at work, but also in our daily life.
    In this way we get to know ourselves and our abilities.
    We learn to listen to others, to be creative, to help each other and respect.

    Oliwia - Poland

    Durning the trip I learned a lot about working in a group, what it requires and how I am a member of the group. As for as I'm concerned , teamwork is one of the most major skills relating to work in school and later at work. Each of us will have to take part in a project or other eveny associated to the work of more than one person. I personally discovered my new before the beyond abilities , learned how important it's to help each other and be inventive. All in all, I like groupwork more than beforehand.

    Aggeliki Theodorakidou Greece

    After experiencing the erasmus programme i feel capable of persuading people i have good ideas. Moreover, i am sure i can commit to ideas that aren't mine. I often act as the leader, whether this is a positive or negative characteristic of mine. Sometimes i congratulate others if they have done well in projects. I feel the eramsus programme helped me grow as a person and as a student.

    Thomai -Greece

    After experiencing this amazing trip to elche not only have i make new friends and memories but also i have learned many things about collaboration and teamwork.I always try to show respect to my teammates and be there for them such as listening to their ideas and understand their feelings.It is difficult to convice people that you have good ideas but with the right arguments you may be able to. I feel capable of commiting to ideas that aren't mine. I try not to act as a leader most of the time.Consequently, i like to uplift others in team projects.

    Athina - Greece-

    I feel that after this amazing trip I can now show respect to my team and collaborate with them better . I justify my ideas and I am always listening to others opinions. By doing that I feel that I can persuade people.
    I believe that I am immature and I can hear everyone. As a result I can be focused and sometimes act as the leader . Feedback is something very important in our lives so I feel right to do it . I am truthful.

    Sotiris Kyriakou-Greece

    During our fantastic trip to Elche we had to work in groups which made me collaborate with other students. We worked as a team, everyone was able to express their opinions and ideas and everyone respected them. I learned to persuade my co-workers about my idea which I thought was good and also embrace a different idea I heard and commit to it. I understood that congratulating a co-worker for their great job is an important part of teamwork beacause it boosts the team's ego and brings positive vibes.

    Nélio - Madeira

    This fantastic experience made us know a little more about ourselves, namely a little more about our skills. Working as a team was certainly one of them.
    Working with people of other nationalities made me discover my ability to improvise and solve problems. I also learned that sometimes you have to act like a leader, always respecting the people you work with. Besides that, I'm convinced that I was able to persuade my colleagues when I had good ideas and that I was able to put myself in their shoes, praising when necessary.
    To sum up, this experience became unforgettable for all of us, it made us better team workers, making us put aside individuality and competitiveness, and making us focus on a common objective for all,
    a common to all abilities of all people participated in this project.


    Teamwork enables us to operate faster and more efficiently. Two heads are better than one. Teamwork allows you to come up with unconventional solutions. We learn to listen to others and to respect and help each other.

    Wiktoria - Poland

    I've learned a lot about teamwork, my social skills increased. This erasmus taught me that every person is important in a group, we should respect, care for, and help each other. Without a team you won't be able to come up with as much ideas and solutions as in a group. I got to experience it, learned a lot about treating others right, understanding what do they feel and cooperating. I am very grateful for this trip.

    Elwira - Poland

    Erasmus taught me to work in a group. He showed how important it is to cooperate with other people and that each individual is important. I have developed many skills and broadened my knowledge about environmental protection. I made a lot of friends. We created many creative projects together. I recommend this adventure to everyone.

    Ola - Poland

    I am delighted with the trip to Elche where I was able to develop my language skills. Thanks to the exchange, I opened up and gained confidence in speaking, every word that goes down in a group is a greater chance of success. I met many wonderful people with whom we had respect and Erasmus friendliness, every day showed me new experiences that gave me the desire to grow and motivate me
    Thank you for the opportunity to go on such a wonderful trip

    Oliver - Finland

    I learned a lot about teamwork during the trip. The trip was an amazing experience and taught me a lot about my self and other people, I grew as a person and got good friends from different countries. I think that everyone's English talking skills got better during that one week. Teamwork is very important skill in work, school and basic daily life, this kind of projects creates many new amazing team workers.
    I always show respect when i collaborate with other people and always understand or try to understand other's feelings. I think that everyone's ideas are important and I like to tell my own ideas to others. I act as a leader very often and I tell to other when they are doing good work.

    Elisa - Finland

    Being a good team worker is an important skill when working together as a group. During the trip I learned how to communicate more clearly with others in English and I learned more about what it requires from each group member to reach our goals as a team. I strive to be understanding on how others in the group are feeling and when I have an idea I share it with the group. I am also open to others ideas as well. When the Erasmus diplomas were being handed out, everyone was cheering each other on I realized how important it is to encourage others and make them feel special. An uplifting environment is key to working effectively as a team.

    Aatu - Finland

    Yes i do show respect to others and i always try to understand every ones opinion.
    I am good at argumentation, so i am able to persuade my ideas.
    With a good justifications, i can and want to commit to other peoples ideas.
    I can act as a leader if i am motivated enough, but not by force.
    I always try to cheer my teammates.

    Aaron - Finland

    I show respect to others when collaborating. I understand how other people in my group feel.

    I am able to persuade people i have a good idea.

    I can commit to ideas that that were not my own.

    I can sometimes act as a leader.

    I tell others when they have done well.