Our Campaign - what we did and what changed :)

  • Here you can see what the campaign was about, what we did and what the result was :)

    answers expected in June 2022  :)

  • Our Campaign

    IX L.O. in Sosnowiec- Poland

    Our students, inspired by the activities in Finland, did a campaign in our school related to the environment protection! They made an announcement in the school community, asking the students and teachers to bring elements needed to build BUGS HOTELS, and on 1st June (Children's Day in Poland), the students built and installed bugs hotels in our school garden :D Bugs! Enjoy your stay! Our hotels are waiting for you!

    IX L.O. in Sosnowiec

    The link to our fb description:

    Poland - IX LO
    IX LO- inspirations from Finland implemented!

    What inspired us! :)