• You find in this page, the videoconferences organized for


    #Eratosathome (March, April, May 2020)

    Sunday 29 March videoconference

    Report of the previous measurements and live Kahoot quiz about those measures, to get to know our partners

    Students Kiki, Mémé, TieuTieu (Lafrançaise) Ioanna (Petroupoli) Iliana (Aigio)
    Teachers from France, Greece, Spain,Ukraine

    Gamification as assignment to have feedback from students.


    Thursday 02 April videoconference

    Students from Athens
    Teachers from France, Greece, Tunisia, Brazil
    Live measurements: Athens & Petroupoli GREECE, Lafrançaise FRANCE, Mohamedia TUNISIA


    Wednesday 08 April videoconference

    Students from Athens (Dimitris, Zisis, Simeon)


    Friday 10 April videoconference

    Students from Athens (Dimitris, Zisis, Simeon, Christos)


    Tuesday 28 April videoconference

    Students from Medellin COLOMBIA (slideshow)

    Friday 15 May videoconference

    With Bill's students in Athens, Jeane in Rio de Janeiro, Marci in Sao Mateus (Brazil) and Eric (France) . Report of yesterday May 14th calculations and live measures on May 15th

    Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2020 (June 2020)

    This year with the pandemic, Planetarium Science Center of Bibliotheca Alexandrina. will present Eratosthenes festivities in a different format:A live event is hosted on PSC FB page, starting at 11 am Egypt [9 am (UTC)] on June 18th.
    The program includes:

    • -showing a play about Eratothenes life,
    • -a ppt by an expert astronomer on Eratothenes experiment
    • Communication of the measurements (realized from 12th to 17th June) of schools from
      • South America : São Mateus, Buenos Aires, Chivilcoy, São Mateus, Alta Gracia, Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Méier, Guarne
      • Europe : Busteni, Lafrançaise, Petroupoli, Ilion, Úbeda, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Dorohoi, Lozova

    21 December Solstice

    39 students & teachers attented to the videoconference