Climbing up: Meeting 2 in Herzele - Languages

  • Our second meeting took place in Herzele (Belgium).  There we had another summit to climb:  learning languages.  On the pages below you will find some of the activities we did to improve our skills on how to teach/ learn / respect other languages


    Totem of Babel.

    (poem written for the project -  by Carla Cosyns)


    Building a tower reaching high above the clouds

    A dream, a high sky dream, dreamt so often by people

    Confusion of tongues, incomprehension, blind language

    for too full minds, keep breaking the rungs

    of the ladder to heaven.

    That's why we are building today, with Erasmus,

    that old dream of a high sky tower.

    Despite all differences between people,

    we believe in a totem.

    A totem of Babel; giving priority to solidarity without focusing 

    on differences;

    A totem of Babel, where understanding conquers rigidness

    Language is no longer an Everest

    but a molehill.