My Everest, Your Molehill

The project is part of an Erasmus+ programme. The aim is the collaboration between schools. We intend to learn from each other, turning our "Everests" into "molehills"

Our Everests before the meetings

Before each meeting one of the visiting delegations had to prepare a presentation on their difficulty, their Everest in education.  In the meeting we would deal about that topic.

These are presentations of our Everests in each of the meetings:

  • A play from Offene Schule Waldau:  "Computer Chaos at Offene Schule Waldau".  It is about their Everest - ICT.  This presentation was created for the meeting in Manlleu.

  • Presentation from Neue Schule Puntigam on their Everest - the difficulty learning languages - before the meeting in Herzele

  • Presentation from Pamukyazi Tamsa Seramik  on their Everest - learning outside school - before the meeting in Pécs.

  • Presentation from Általános Iskola from Pécs on their Everest - dealing with intolerance - before the meeting in Austria:

  • Game on "What is free learning?" created by Sint Paulus Instituut before the meeting in Kassel

  • A video from INS Antoni Pous i Argila about their Everest:  Creativity.  Prepared for the meeting in Torbali

Author: Joan Mitjavila
Last editor: Joan Mitjavila