Manlleu meeting: Pictures and products

  • You can find pictures of all the activities we did in Manlleu following this link.

    These are some of the products from this meeting

    1.  Project logo

    One of the activities in the Manlleu meeting was the creation of a project logo.  Below you can find the chosen design.  However there were other very good drawings and everybody did a great job.  You can see the other creations following this link.

    2.  Georeference work

    We also worked with the MHM (Mobile History Maps) platform.  Following this link you will find some of the photographs and information uploaded by our students (work still in progress)


    3.  Questionnaires

    We had fun with a couple of Kahoot questionnaires


    4.  Christmas songs in different languages

    As the meeting took place the week before Christmas we also worked with Chrismas songs from each of the participating countries.  These are the songs in different languages with the English translation: