My Everest, Your Molehill

The project is part of an Erasmus+ programme. The aim is the collaboration between schools. We intend to learn from each other, turning our "Everests" into "molehills"

Project impact 3: Learning outside school

These are some of the impacts on learning outside school on the partner centers after the meeting in Hungary.

Turkey:  Report on learning outside school by the Torbali school

Learning outside school in Torbali, Turkey, using some of the things we learned in Pécs.  


Belgium:  Students in Herzele putting into practice some of the activities they had learned in Pécs

Spain:  INS Antoni Pous in Manlleu:  3rd ESO students Outdoor activities. Team building, using some of the activities we learned in Pécs

Spain:  INS Antoni Pous.  New outdoor teaching facilities set in the school playground.  The design of new learning spaces - some of the outside the school was an important part of the awarded project Hack the School.


Austria:  Creating new learning spaces outside the school:

Austria:  Activities outside school

Author: Joan Mitjavila
Last editor: Joan Mitjavila