Welcome to the project!!!


    Presentation:  What we have done

    In this project six schools from six different countries (Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Germany and Turkey) have worked together to learn from each other.  Each participant school has presented a strong point to the project partners so they could learn about it.  The aim was to turn our Everests in education into molehills.

    We focused on the following topics:

    • ICT (meeting at INS Antoni Pous in Manlleu, Spain)
    • Languages (meeting at Sint Paulus Instituut in Herzele, Belgium)
    • Learning outside school (meeting at Mezoszel utcai Atalanos iskola in Pécs, Hungary)
    • Tolerance (meeting at Neue Schule Puntigam in Graz, Austria)
    • Free learning (meeting at Offene Schule Waldau in Kassel, Germany)
    • Creativity (meeting at Pamukyazi Tamsa Seramik in Torbali, Turkey)