My Everest, Your Molehill

The project is part of an Erasmus+ programme. The aim is the collaboration between schools. We intend to learn from each other, turning our "Everests" into "molehills"

Climbing up: Meeting 3 in Pécs - Learning outside school

The third meeting took place in Pécs, Hungary.  Our goal there was how to deal with learning outside the school.  For this reason we went to Orfü - a lake near Pécs - and spent a night there.  We did several activities outdoors, great for group cohesion and to learn different subjects.

Among other things we did:

  • Rowing
  • Cooking
  • Hiking
  • Group building activities
  • Craft work
  • ....

On the pages below you will find more information about this meeting.

Author: Joan Mitjavila
Last editor: Joan Mitjavila