Our project song

  • The project song is titled "Help me climb" and tries to reflect our will to overcome difficulties.  The song has also "grown" with the project.  In Belgium - where we worked with languages - we created new lyrics using the different languages of each school involved.

    This is the first version of your project song, sung by students from an international school in Brussels.  Thank you Noah for your contribution!!!

    It is an adaptation from John Denver's "Country Roads".  These are the lyrics:

    Help me climb (Country roads)

    There is always                
    a new challenge
    Like a mountain
    on the horizon

    Let's all go there
    We'll find a new way
    Show me all those blue skies
    And a brand new day

    (so) help me climb
    mountains high
    Take my hand, we will fly
    And we'll reach there
    All together
    Let's all climb
    that mountain high

    This is the lipdub of the song we recorded in Herzele:

    The project song performed in Kassel:

    These are the lyrics in different languages we worked with in Herzele: