• In Estonia we celebrate easter with our family and close friends. We boil eggs and dye boiled eggs with both natural (onion peels, coffee crain, rice, plants, flowers etc) and store bought paints. When the eggs are colored we play different games with them. 

    First game: Two people beat their colored eggs together (each person has one egg) and whose eggshell remains whole is the winner.  

    Second game: In south Estonia we roll colorful boiled eggs down the munaloomka (munaloomka is built from sand and it is the shape of a horseshoe). Whose egg rolls down hitting another egg gets it to her/himself. Who has most eggs at the end is the winner.

    In easter we usually eat boiled eggs, cottage cheese cake/pie, white bread, eggbutter, roast beef or pork and meat jelly. 

    Nowadays we tell children that an easter bunny brings eggs (usually chocolate eggs) and some children also play egg hunt in their home or garden. They have to find the eggs easter bunny has hidden and collect them. 



    Our kindergarten is working from distants. So we asked our parents to take pictures and post them to the Padlet. We also announced an easter egg contest!