United in music

  • Music activities from Bulgaria, Estonia and Lithuania performed by children from 21st Primary school of Athens "Lela Karagianni"

    The Bulgarian traditional dance “horo”

    Students of 4th grade dancing “pravo horo”


    Estonian Folk dance “Nõianeitsi”

    United in music

    Lithuanian circle-game Jurgelis (little George) meistrelis

    Anthem of the program

    On 15/10, the students participating in the M.A.G.I.C. and in the study project "United in Music" presented the song "We are a Team" in adaptation of the famous song "We are the World". The students inspired the lyrics, sang, made relevant posters and thus created the Anthem of the program.

  • Lohkva Kindergarten children and teachers enjoying partner's music.



    Lithuania, Kursenai Kindergarten "Žiedelis" -   dances, music, and song of our partners. Thank you. For us it was very fun


    Traditional dances from Estonia and Lithuania performed by children from Detski svyat Kindergarten