• Our children's favorite hero of all time Sipsik / Raggie


    There are many scary characters in Estonian folklore and children might not understand them. Thats why our teachers desided that we would like to introduce you our children's favorite character throughout the generations.

    Our Raggie
    Cartoon about Raggie

    This year came out the cartoon Raggie, based on Eno Raud's book. Here is the trailer of cartoon. Raggie ice cream, Raggie cheesecake, Raggie toys.


    Our group Naerulinnud  crafted a book from a story of a Raggie named  "ANU´S TELLY". But in the original book there is 15 different stories about Raggie. 


    Our group Sabatähed crafted the story from Reggie book "Anu┼Ť Telly" and then they made short animation.