Web meetings with partners 2020/2021

  • Zoom meeting Thursday 14/5/2020:

    Summary of  our discussion:

    1.  The questionnaire remains to be answered by partners from Bulgaria and Italy. This must be done by May 30 and then the answers will be processed. You can find the questionnaire in MAGIC Twinspace.

    2.   The activities that were planned to take place during this period are postponed for the next school year.

    3.   We agreed to request an extension of the program next year.4.   The next conference call will take place after June 15 and will be the last for this school year.5. The activity Erasmus Open Day, which was scheduled for June, will take place by all participants, on October 2, 2020. Details for this day will be discussed at the beginning of the new school year.

    Zoom meeting Thursday 10/09/2020:

    Summary of  our discussion:

    1. We continue the program according to the application. Early 2021,  after assessing the general situation, we may request an extension.
    2. Mid- October every school organizes an open Erasmus Day (i.e. application page 16). On the platform e-twinning we create a page ” Erasmus Open Day 2020”, where we create a Padlet, and every country posts the actions of that day.
    3. Italy has to send the boxes with the heroes to all partners.
    4. Greece has to send Hercules’ box to Estonia and Lithuania (The post office has already sent them again).
    5. The next video – conference will be held at the beginning of October.

    Zoom meeting Thursday 31/05/2021:

    Summary of  our discussion:

    1) We have to deal with the study project "Traditional games".

    Please should choose two traditional games, like you played when you were children, and make a video for each one. Also, write a text in English with rules in order to explain us the procedure of the  game. So, till 15th June every country will upload our Twinspace these products.

    2) Bulgarian kindergarten will collect all videos and create the final one.

    3) Next video conference will be at the end of August discussing the mobilities. We were told that it would be great to travel and have mobility in September. So, till then we hope to have specific instructions about mobilities.

    Zoom meeting Thursday 13/08/2021:

    Summary of  our discussion:

    1. We  apply for an E- twinning quality label for our project MAGIC until the 20th of August
    2. The Italian team has to upload their traditional games to twinspace before 20. august.
    3. Anneli will do changes on twinspace - timetable and page orders
    4. We will try to plan mobility to Italy in September 2021
    5. The next web meeting is 02.09.2021 and for easier contact, we will use messenger videocall.