• Traditional games - Bulgaria


    These are the children from Bulgaria, the town of Polski Trambesh, the kindergarten “Children’s World”. They are from the fourth preparatory group “Buratino” (“Pinocchio”) and will present the folklore children’s game “White butterflies” and “Burns, burns, towel, the dog pulls it”.



    The children are arranged in a circle and two “butterflies” are chosen from them with counting-out game: ‘’Two roosters quarreled in front of the priest’s door. Priest came out and said to them: Come on, you are going to buzz!”

     Two “butterflies” sing the song:

    “White butterflies, where did you fly to?

    When the end comes, choose friends!

    I choose the first one!

    You choose the second!”

    Here each of the children chooses a new butterfly. The game continues until all the children are included.



    The participants are small children – boys and girls. They squat in a circle, one of them, chosen with the same counting-out game like in the first game, taking a towel in his hand, begins to walk around and sing: “Burns, burns, towel, the dog pulls it.” The chosen one walks around and tries to drop the towel behind someone’s back unnoticed. If the one behind the towel does not feel and does not to catch up with the bystander, the latter, when reaches behind the sitting person again, rubs his nose with the towel. But, if the kid sitting sees the towel, it chases the first one, who can be saved if he manages to sit in the place of the chasing one. If the child catches up with the runner who fails to sit in the vacant seat, the second participant takes the baton.